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Accepted Papers

Curve Networks for Terrain Synthesis - Maryam Ariyan and David Mould (Carleton University, Canada)

Dynamic On-Mesh Procedural Generation - Cyprien Buron, Jean-Eudes Marvie, Gaël Guennebaud, and Xavier Granier (Technicolor and INRIA)

Integrated Multimodal Interaction Using Normal Maps - Auston Sterling and Ming Lin (UNC, USA)

AOI Transition Trees - Kuno Kurzhals and Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart, Europe)

Cover-it: An Interactive System for Covering 3D Prints - Ali Mahdavi Amirim, Philip Whittingham, and Faramarz Samavati (University of Calgary, Canada)

Fast Image Segmentation on Mobile Phone using Multi-level Graph Cut - Steven Garcia, Patrick Kelley, and Yin Yang (University of New Mexico, USA)

Interactive Shading of 2.5D Models - Joao Paulo Gois, Bruno Augusto Marques, and Harlen Batagelo (Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil)

Visibility Sweeps for Joint-Hierarchical Importance Sampling of Direct Lighting for Stochastic Volume - Rendering Thomas Kroes, Martin Eisemann, and Elmar Eisemann (Delft, Europe) --- BEST STUDENT PAPER!

6D Frictional Contact for Rigid Bodies - Charles Bouchard, Matthieu Nesme, Maxime Tournier, Bin Wang, François Faure, and Paul GKry (McGill and INRIA etc., International)

Stylized Scattering via Transfer Functions and Occluder Manipulation - Oliver Klehm, Timothy RKol, Hans-Peter Seidel, and Elmar Eisemann (Delft and MPI, Europe)

Learning Style Similarity for Searching Infographics - Babak Saleh, Mira Dontcheva, Zhicheng Liu, and Aaron Hertzmann (Rutgers and Adobe, USA)

Model-Driven Indoor Scenes Modeling from a Single Image - Zicheng Liu, Yan Zhang, Wentao Wu, Kai Liu, and Zhengxing Sun (Nanjing University, China)

Efficient Trajectory Extraction and Parameter Learning for Data-Driven Crowd Simulation - Aniket Bera, Sujeong Kim, and Dinesh Manocha (UNC, USA)

The Performance of Indirect Foot Pointing using Discrete Taps and Kicks While Standing - William Saunders and Daniel Vogel (University of Waterloo)

Palpebrae Superioris: Exploring the Design Space of Eyelid Gestures - Ricardo Costa and Daniel Wigdor (University of Toronto)

DynoFighter: Exploring a Physical Activity Incentive Mechanism to Support Exergaming - Sergiu Veazanchin and Joseph LaViola (University of Central Florida)

How and Why Personal Task Management Behaviors Change Over Time - Mona Haraty, Joanna McGrenere and Charlotte Tang (University of British Columbia, University of Michigan Flint)

Moving Towards User-Centered Government: Community Information Needs and Practices of Families - Carolyn Pang, Carman Neustaedter, Jason Procyk, Dan Hawkins and Kate Hennessy (Simon Fraser University)

Gendered or Neutral? Considering the Language of HCI - Adam Bradley, Cayley MacArthur, Mark Hancock and Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Waterloo, University of Calgary)

Exploiting Analysis History to Support Collaborative Data Analysis - Ali Sarvghad and Melanie Tory (University of Victoria)

Effects of Arm Embodiment on Implicit Coordination, Co-Presence, and Awareness in Mixed-Focus Distributed Tabletop Tasks - Andre Doucette, Carl Gutwin, and Regan Mandryk (University of Saskatchewan)

TandemTable: Supporting Conversations and Language Learning Using a Multi-touch Digital Table - Erik Paluka and Christopher Collins (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

IIS you is my digital baby: An Intimate Interface System for persons with disabilities - Deborah Fels, David Smith, Rener Baffa, Diana Abyar and Margot Whitfield (Ryerson University, McMaster University, Federal University of São Carlos Rodovia Washington Luís)

Amateur Ice Hockey Coaching and the Role of Video Feedback - Jason Procyk and Carman Neustaedter (Simon Fraser University)

Synchronous Yoga and Mediation Over Distance using Video Chat - Reese Muntean, Carman Neustaedter and Kate Hennessy (Simon Fraser University)

Penny Pincher: A Blazing Fast, Highly Accurate $-Family Recognizer - Eugene Taranta, Joseph LaViola (University of Central Florida)

Hands, Hover, and Nibs: Understanding Stylus Accuracy on Tablets - Michelle Annett and Walter F. Bischof (University of Alberta)

A Comparison of Visual and Textual City Portal Designs on Desktop and Mobile Interfaces - Carolyn Pang, Carman Neustaedter, Jason Procyk and Bernhard Riecke (Simon Fraser University)

CheatSheet: A Contextual Interactive Memory Aid for Web Applications - Laton Vermette, Parmit Chilana, Michael Terry, Adam Fourney, Ben Lafreniere and Travis Kerr (University of Waterloo, University of Saskatchewan)

Postulater: The Design and Evaluation of a Time-Delayed Media Sharing System - Daniel Hawkins, Carman Neustaedter, Jason Procyk (Simon Fraser University)

Think different: how we completely changed the visualization of Pseudo-Pilots - Jean-Paul IMBERT, Christophe HURTER and Yannick JESTIN (ENAC/LII)

Twist and Pulse: Ephemeral Adaptation to Improve Icon Selection on Smartphones - Antoine Ponsard, Kamyar Ardekani, Kailun Zhang, Frederic Ren, Matei Negulescu and Joanna McGrenere (University of British Columbia)

Testing the Rehearsal Hypothesis with Two FastTap Interfaces - Carl Gutwin and Andy Cockburn (University of Saskatchewan, University of Canterbury)

Crossets: Manipulating Multiple Sliders by Crossing - Charles Perin, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA)

Hand Grasp and Motion for Intent Expression in Mid-Air Virtual Pottery - Vinayak Vinayak and Karthik Ramani (Purdue University)