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Graphics Interface is the Canadian annual conference devoted to computer graphics, interactive systems, and human-computer interaction. It is the oldest regularly-scheduled computer graphics and human-computer interaction conference; the first conference was held in 1969.

GI 2015 information

2015 web site:
Paper deadline: December 19, 2014
Author notification: February 26, 2015
Final papers due: March 13, 2015
Poster deadline: March 20, 2015
Poster notification: April 3, 2015
Conference dates: June 3-5, 2015

Alain Fournier Ph.D. Thesis Annual Award

Alain Fournier Award

Other Information

The annual Michael A. J. Sweeney Award for best student paper.

Tables of contents and some online papers: GI 2014, GI 2013, GI 2012, GI 2011, GI 2010, GI 2009, GI 2008, GI 2007, GI 2006, GI 2005, GI 2004, GI 2003, GI 2002, GI 2001, GI 2000, GI'99, GI'98, GI'97, GI'96, GI'95, GI'94, GI'93, GI'92, GI'91, GI'90, GI'89, GI'88, GI'87, GI'86, GI'85, GI'84, GI'83, GI'82, CMCCC'81, CMCCC'79, CMCCC'77, CMCCC'75, CMCCC'73, CMCCC'71, CMCCC'69 (CMCCC, the Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference, is GI's precursor.)

GI bibtex bibliography from 1971 to 2001: as HTML, as gzipped text

Dates and locations of past GIs

Invited speakers of past GIs

Canadian graphics labs.


Graphics Interface, Vision Interface, and the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Conference are held annually as joint conferences on computer graphics, human-computer interaction, vision and image processing.

Graphics Interface is sponsored by the Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society. Vision Interface is sponsored by the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society and the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Conference is sponsored by the Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence.

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